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Findmypast Cashback & Offers

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Findmypast Cashback & Offers

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20% cashback

for new customer 3 month and 12 month subscriptions on Starter, Plus, and Pro packages

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More about Findmypast

The ancients once said that we are products of the past, custodians of the present, and architects of the future—Findmypast agrees. It’s why the genealogy experts at Findmypast endeavour to balance these three dimensions by helping you trace your past successfully.

You can now trace your ancestors and learn about their baptisms, births, deaths, burials, and last will and testaments. The easy-to-use online solution lets you access all these details from over 400 million parish records gathered throughout the years.

When you need to dig deeper into your family’s history, head to Findmypast, click a button, and access it—it could change your entire perspective.

Findmypast search

Findmypast has made it straightforward to search for details about your past by dividing information into civil and parish records. Civic records let you learn more about your family members’ births, deaths, or burials. Parish records to enable you to discover more about their baptisms, marriages, and burials. 

There is no need to dig through tons of data—just select the category you’re interested in and narrow the search. It’s that easy.

Findmypast Fridays

If you’re not already a budding genealogist, you may find yourself drawn to it once you see how easy the information is to access. Your weekends are set to become more exciting as you check through thousands of fresh records for exploration every Friday.

You can access all these records via a special Findmypast page, specifically created for this purpose.

Findmypast subscription

Don’t remain a Findmypast “passer-by” when you can enjoy more by subscribing to the easy search function. Join thousands of other people by subscribing to the service, adding people to your search each week, and maximising on smart leads to trace their ancestry. 

Findmypast commits to securing all your records so that you can enjoy the service with complete peace of mind.

Findmypast marriages

Do you want to quench your thirst for knowledge about your ancestors’ marital history? The Findmypast collection is rich and vast, including British and Irish records from over 400 years of history. The marital unions are part of your story, and you never know what interesting aspects you may uncover in your search. 

Findmypast has records across various religious affiliations, so go ahead and unearth your family’s rich religious heritage.

Findmypast cashback 

Findmypast is not only interested in unearthing your ancestry—it also aims to connect you to it affordably through generous cashback offers. Make every coin count by enjoying Findmypast coupons and other offers through Quidco.

Get Findmypast cashback

How does one enjoy these fabulous Findmypast cashback offers—it’s easy when you shop via Quidco. Start by heading to the cashback links at the top of the shopping page. Click “Get cashback” and watch the redirect take you straight to the Findmypast website Conduct your search or purchase as normal.

Quidco tracks and processes your cashback while you shop, sending all the discounts back to your Quidco account. You find your family history, and we’ll supply the cashback.

Quidco uncovers Findmypast cashback 

Why pay more for Findmypast searches when you can do it through Quidco? Explore the best deals in history by using our vouchers and offers today.