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More about FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot is a company of experts who will help you enjoy standing while working at home or in the office. We believe it is easy for everyone to work smarter and healthier. It's never too late to make a change from sitting to standing.

Ergonomics is the core of our products. Our goal is to create a healthy, productive and pleasant working atmosphere with our height-adjustable desks, desk bicycles and desk converters as well as with well-thought-out accessories. In addition, we want to transform conventional work areas into future-oriented and healthy work settings. Our products enable you to create an ideal workplace for you, regardless of whether you are in a single office, open-plan office or in a home office.

Our top products

  • Home Office Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame EG1 / EF1 / EZ1
  • Standing Desk Frame for Home Office E5
  • Home Office standing desk frame dual-motor EQ3
  • Standing Desk 3-Stage Rectangle Desk Frame E7
  • AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7
  • AlcoveRiser Dual X Desk Converters M8