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Fonehouse Cashback & Offers

Up to £24 cashback

Fonehouse Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£24 cashback

for a new and valid mobile phone contract or contract upgrade for mobile contracts

£4 cashback

for SIM Free sales

£2.80 cashback

for 12 month SIM Only sales

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More about Fonehouse

Working with major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Honor, Xiaomi, Nokia, Doro, Oneplus and Google Pixel. Fonehouse gives you the latest handsets and market leading deals. You can even pick from a range of accessories to suit (either in-store or online).

Thanks to their partnerships with some of the UK’s leading mobile networks (such as Vodafone, Three, Talkmobile, Sky Mobile, Voxi and Smarty), are able to offer a wide selection of money-saving Pay Monthly Handset deals on new and refurbished handsets, Sim Only deals and Sim Free. There is also an option to trade in your old mobile to dramatically reduce the cost of a new contract.

Fonehouse pride themselves on giving customers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, that’s why they offer a same day in-store repair service as well as new handset setup and training. As for the website well, you can rest assured that you are in good hands as they are proud to have one of the highest scores on “Trustpilot” in this sector, with most customers scoring either 4 or 5 stars. Fonehouse best offers around plus great service guaranteed.