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Geronigo Cashback & Offers

Up to 5.2% cashback

Geronigo Cashback & Offers

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5.2% cashback

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3.6% cashback

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2% cashback

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More about Geronigo

Geronigo Cashback

If you are looking for experiences to get your blood pumping and the thrill of an adrenaline rush, Geronigo should be your first stop! They work with thousands of companies across the United Kingdom and throughout the world to bring you the highest value packages available for action-packed activities close to home or away on holiday.

Book with them for yourself and mark a few items off your bucket list, or give the gift of adventure with a Geronigo gift card redeemable at more than 5000 venues domestically and worldwide.

About Geronigo

Geronigo makes it easy to find a slew of courses and experiences to make your adrenaline-fueled dreams a reality. Search by activity or location to find exactly what you want or find possible new adventures you never imagined existed so close to home.

Get the most from every penny when you book through Geronigo. Not only do they make discovering classes and activities quick and simple; they also work with the providers to bring you the highest value offerings possible.

Geronigo makes planning and booking your next trip as easy as a few clicks by computer or their mobile app. Discover, book, and manage activities in one place—satisfaction guaranteed. Get your money back if you have a change of heart within 24 hours of booking a minimum of 14 days in advance.

Geronigo Adventures

Thrills come in all shapes and sizes, so Geronigo has offerings to suit your tastes, no matter what adventures you crave. From go-carts to skydiving, archery to mastering the trapeze, you can find just about any type of adventure available at one of the 10,000-plus locations working with Geronigo worldwide. Have a young adrenaline junkie on your list? Geronigo has a broad selection of kid-friendly adventures, too, so your 6- to 18-year-old thrill-seekers don’t have to miss out on the fun.

Geronigo’s website streamlines your search for your favourite experiences by grouping related activities into broader categories. Those who love feeling the wind in their hair and the joy of seeing the world fly by will want to check out the motorsports category, while those who can’t wait for summer to hit the beach again will enjoy the water sports offerings.

Need something unexpected for a team-building retreat for the office? Sharpen your problem-solving skills through a survival course. And nothing beats running for your life from zombies for team bonding. The team adventures section is full of action-packed and unique experiences for your large group at prices that are hard to beat.

Get Geronigo Cashback

Booking your next adventure through Geronigo already ensures you get the best price on the experience, but your savings don’t have to stop there! Get additional cashback when you use the “get cashback” button above. 

This will take you to the same trusted Geronigo website, but using our link instructs the team here at Quidco to process the cashback paperwork for you once your purchase is complete. You’ll find your cashback waiting for you in your Quidco account the next time you visit.

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