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GoCardless Cashback & Offers

£76 cashback

GoCardless Cashback & Offers

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£76 cashback

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More about GoCardless

GoCardless lets businesses easily collect both instant one-off payments and automated recurring payments. Direct from their customer’s bank account to theirs. Getting them paid on time, saving them time and money, helping them win and retain more customers, and stress less.

They can use GoCardless on its own, with our easy-to-use online dashboard. Or connect it up to one of 350+ other systems – including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zuora, and Salesforce – to conveniently manage everything there instead.

We also offer other products and features that makes life easier for businesses, including:

Intelligent retries (Success+) – Fewer GoCardless payments fail compared to card payments, but it’s not zero. Success+ is our product that automatically retries any payments that do fail, on the best day for each customer.
International payments – We help businesses go global with ease. They can collect payments from 30+ countries into one bank account, and settle it all in their home currency. We handle the FX automatically at the real market rate (powered by Wise).