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Last updated Dec. 3, 2020



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Helpful Information

Shopping Groomers Online

Groomers Online is the UK's leading distributor of high-quality animal care products online. It manufactures its own conditioners and shampoos, and an extensive collection of grooming and pet supplies. The company aims to help you to bring professional expertise and exceptional results to your pet's home grooming experience, and it is excellent value for money.

Groomers Online clippers

It is essential to have a reliable collection of quality clippers to suit different animals and breeds. Whether you need high power clippers to deal with matted or thick coats or cordless clippers for better movement, Groomers Online has all you need for hard-to-reach areas.

For a successful professional grooming experience, it is important to have the right tools, like high-quality clippers from trusted brands. Groomers Online’s collection of clippers includes a range of options, all from top brands, like Wahl and Andis.

Its extensive clipper collection is suitable for different pets, breeds, and coats, so you are sure to find something of excellent quality and functionality. It is the best way to ensure that your pets receive exceptional clipping service for years to come.

Groomers Online clipper blades

If you are a groomer or grooming parlour, Groomers Online allows you to purchase a variety of grooming tools at affordable prices so that you are fully prepared for the different animals, breeds, and pet sizes that walk through the door. 

The site’s quality blades do the job with ease, leaving a neat, closely shaved pet and a satisfied owner that is sure to return to your establishment. Whether you need a clipper blade to trim a silky-haired breed or something to shorten a tough, long coat, Groomers Online has everything you need.

The site offers blades ranging from multi-cut to Ultimate Competition series, helping you keep your equipment and extra fittings in top condition. Groomers Online also offers you various professional clipper storage and maintenance options, such as clipper oil and blade wash. 

Get Groomers Online cashback

You can save even more when you shop at Groomers Online through Quidco, thanks to our fantastic cashback offers.

Sign up for a Quidco account and head to the ‘Get cashback’ links at the top of the page. The link will redirect you to the Groomers Online website where you can shop for your pet grooming products in the usual way.

When you finalise the purchase, we track and process your cashback amount directly into your Quidco account. It’s that easy to save with Quidco and Groomers Online.

Groomers Online student discount

If you are currently taking a grooming course, and your learning institution has signed up with Groomers Online, you are eligible for the site’s student discount.

Sign up by completing an online application form. If your application is successful, Groomers Online will create your account and set up a unique discount. It will also send you exclusive offers and information on student events.

Benefits of the Groomers Online student discount include:

  • Tailored email offers
  • Special offers for students and newly qualified groomers
  • 10% discount on all Groomers Online products for the duration of your grooming course

A Neat Job from Quidco and Groomers Online

Groomers Online has everything you need in the way of clippers and accessories for all animals. Browse the site’s high-quality collection and remember to look for the Quidco cashback options to make the most of the discounts.