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HelloFresh Cashback & Offers

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HelloFresh Cashback & Offers

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More about HelloFresh

Want to know more about HelloFresh? Read on for our tips, tricks and inspiration on how to start cooking healthily and earning cashback.

Why shop with HelloFresh?

A man adding soy sauce to his pan of green beans

Let’s face it – life is busy. Whether you’ve got children to look after or work long hours it can be hard trying to juggle your everyday tasks and chores, from tackling the ever-growing ironing pile to doing the weekly food shop with the kids in tow. Enter HelloFresh. Simply order your weekly food shop and HelloFresh will deliver all the ingredients to your door, along with recipe cards that give you a breakdown of the ingredients for your chosen dish, nutritional information, what utensils you’ll need and the method. It’s the quickest and most convenient way of getting fresh, healthy food delivered straight to your door.

Meal planning made easy

HelloFresh boxes offer a good variety of meals and you can browse their recipe archive to get an idea of the types of meals you can expect to be delivered. They’ve developed recipes that are great for beginners, meals that are family-friendly, low-calorie meals and vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. Their recipes are a great way of discovering new cuisines from across the globe, so you can transform your usual midweek bangers and mash into Caribbean classics like jerk chicken with rice and beans or South American pork feijoada with basmati rice. Browse HelloFresh recipes online and read reviews from other customers to help you decide what your next tasty dishes are going to be.

Choose the box for you

When you sign up to HelloFresh you’ve got 3 types of boxes to choose from: Classic, Family or Rapid. The Classic Box has the biggest variety of recipes and you can let them know if you are a vegetarian. The Family Box is perfect for families as HelloFresh have thought of everything, from the time it takes to prepare the dishes, to the types of dishes included (we all know how fussy kids can be!). Their pre-portioned ingredients mean less time in the kitchen spent preparing and cooking meals, so you can enjoy spending time with your family instead. And, HelloFresh’s recipes are tried and tested by kids and parents who provide feedback so HelloFresh can tweak their dishes making sure they are child-friendly. The third box in the range is HelloFresh’s Rapid Box, which is ideal for anyone who wants to whip up super quick meals during the week. All the recipes in the Rapid Box take just 20 minutes to prepare so you can enjoy really healthy, tasty food that takes no time at all in the kitchen.

Flexible delivery and meal choices

Once you’ve selected your preferred box you can start customising by selecting your recipe preference. Not a fan of seafood? Want to have a good variety of meals? Or do you want all your meals to be prepared and cooked quickly? No problem! Just select from the recipe preference and you’ll get recipes that suit your needs. If you want to choose the exact dishes you like the sound of, then choose “No preference” and start selecting the recipes you’d like from HelloFresh’s weekly changing menu. You’ll get email reminders when you need to make your selections and another email when your box has been shipped. HelloFresh offers really flexible delivery options and allows you to pause delivery whenever you need to. This means you can schedule in a HelloFresh delivery when you know you’ve got a busy week ahead, and pause it if you’re going on holiday. And if you’re not home to receive your box, you can let HelloFresh know where to leave it using the “leave safe” message in your account area.

Locally sourced ingredients

HelloFresh is really convenient for anyone who has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t want to compromise on the quality and taste of their food. Fast food is usually not healthy and is much more expensive than cooking at home. HelloFresh works hard continually to develop a variety of healthy recipes and finding excellent, trustworthy suppliers to partner with in order to continue providing quality ingredients.

Delicious food

5 ways to make the most of your HelloFresh cashback

If you’re still unsure on whether HelloFresh is right for you, check out these 4 ways we think you could use HelloFresh and earn some cashback!

1. Try out new recipes

Are you tired of making the same old meals? If you’re stuck in a rut and no longer excited by cooking, then it might be a sign that you need to shake things up and try something new in the kitchen. HelloFresh is a fantastic way to discover new and exciting recipes that will inspire you to get back into the kitchen and rekindle your love for cooking. You can browse all of HelloFresh’s previous recipes to rediscover some tried and tested favourites. There’s a full breakdown of the nutritional information, ingredients, method and the utensils you’ll need to cook it.

2. Feed the whole family

The HelloFresh family box makes homemade cooking for you and your family so easy. Family life can be hectic and tasks like going to the supermarket to find ingredients can be a challenge. Factor in finding time to look up new recipes to try out, the minutes start to add up, and it can be all too easy to slip back into your comfort zone and continue making the same old meals. With HelloFresh, you can choose specially developed family meals that are easy to prepare and require minimal clean up after. HelloFresh meals are packed with nutritious food and are super tasty, so you can rest assured knowing your family’s getting everything they need from a well-balanced diet.

3. Go veggie

If you’ve thought about going vegetarian but you’ve struggled with thinking of exciting meat-free recipes, then make the most of HelloFresh’s cashback offer to take the plunge into a vegetarian lifestyle. Whether you want to just try a meat-free Monday or you want to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle, take advantage of tons of exciting vegetarian recipes that HelloFresh have conjured up.

4. Gift a friend or family member

If you know someone that you think would love to use HelloFresh, check out HelloFresh’s gift cards and treat a loved one to a one-off delivery. You can choose the size of the box by selecting the number of people and dishes, as well as choosing whether you want a vegetarian box. Add in your own personal message too and HelloFresh will email the recipient with the gift voucher.

5. Say goodbye to student cooking

We all know what student meals can look like: beans on toast, pesto pasta and the dreaded pot noodle dinner that’s usually right before your student loan arrives. With HelloFresh you can enjoy fresh, healthy meals without the hassle of going to the supermarket or trawling through the Internet to find recipes that sound easy to make and are cost effective. Get the ingredients delivered to your door along with recipe cards with easy to follow instructions so even the most novice of chefs can create delicious homemade meals. Head to the Student section through the link on the bottom of the HelloFresh website and find out how you can save on your boxes with UNiDAYS. Check the terms and conditions before you proceed as signing up with UNiDAYS may invalidate your cashback.

A HelloFresh meal

Ordering with HelloFresh

If you’ve got some questions about using HelloFresh then we’ve got answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. For more frequently asked questions please go to the HelloFresh website.

Are HelloFresh’s ingredients organic?

HelloFresh doesn’t source organic food currently. The most important factors to HelloFresh are ensuring they work with specialist suppliers who engage in sustainable practices. They focus on flavour, as they want to supply you with the most delicious ingredients they can find.

How much does HelloFresh cost?

HelloFresh can cost as little as £4 per meal. The cost of HelloFresh will depend on which box you choose, how many people you want to feed and how many meals you choose to receive. For a full breakdown of costs, check out HelloFresh’s plans on their website.

How much is HelloFresh delivery?

HelloFresh delivery is free of charge; you only pay for the ingredients.

Can I track my HelloFresh delivery?

Once your HelloFresh order has been dispatched you’ll receive an email. On the morning of your delivery, you’ll receive tracking information so you can follow your parcel.

Can I cancel my HelloFresh subscription?

You can cancel your HelloFresh subscription at any time by logging into your account, select your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and go to Settings. Go to Plan Settings, scroll down and click Cancel Plan. You’ll get an email confirming that you’ve cancelled your HelloFresh subscription.

Who owns HelloFresh?

Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel and Jessica Nilsson founded HelloFresh in 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

HelloFresh voucher and discount codes

Getting fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door with easy to follow instructions, with delicious meals in 20-40 minutes sounds great, right? Well, even better you can use a HelloFresh discount code or voucher code and save even on your HelloFresh orders. To make sure that your cashback tracks correctly, make sure you only use any discount codes or voucher codes that are posted on this page, as any other codes may invalidate your cashback.

More tasty cashback offers with retailers like HelloFresh

If you’re interested in more food-delivery subscriptions, check out our cashback deals with GoustoDegustabox and MyCookBox. And if you’re looking for a vegan-specific service, head to The VeganKind to fill your boots with delicious vegan snacks and cruelty-free products.


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