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HP Cashback & Offers

Up to 7%/£5 cashback

HP Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Free delivery on all orders

+ Up to 7% Cashback

Pay in three interest-free payments with PayPal

+ Up to 7% Cashback

Get tech help from real tech experts for £9.99/month with HP SmartFriend

+ Up to 7% Cashback

Online cashback rates

£5 cashback

for HP SmartFriend subscriptions

4% cashback

for Workstation purchases

4% cashback

for paper purchases

3% cashback

for gaming laptops and desktop purchases

3% cashback

for laptops and desktop purchases

4% cashback

for printer purchases

2% cashback

for monitor purchases

7% cashback

for accessories purchases

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More about HP

If you need a reliable laptop, printer, scanner, or Chromebook, trust a company with over 8 decades of experience in information technology and electronics engineering: HP, Inc.

If you’re gaming on HP computers, you would be familiar with the term “HP” meaning a thousand other things: Health points, horsepower, hit percentages. The list goes on. You can be sure that with the customizable and multi-tiered spec sheets of products like the HP Elitebook or the HP Chromebook 14, you will never run out of horsepower for streaming.

The HP Envy, in particular, is a favourite among creative types as they can express themselves clearly with its 360-degree hinge and low-latency touch pen. They can pair it up with an HP printer and have their creations brought to life in a billion colours with unmatched accuracy and definition.

HP laptops

HP laptops have different categories to suit your needs:

  • The HP Pavilion models are laptops that balance work and gaming.
  • The HP OMEN has top of the line specs for graphic-intensive games.
  • The HP Envy is for creators, with its 360 swivel screen and touch pen.
  • The HP Elitebook is designed for portability and is well-suited for the businessperson on the go.

Where HP laptops are made

HP has multiple manufacturing hubs located around the globe, so if you bought an HP laptop and want to figure out where it’s from, it’s best to check under the hood. Most parts of an HP laptop come from China, but some of them also come from the shores of Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. People assemble them in either China or the USA before they are shipped to different markets.

Because of HP’s cost-efficient manufacturing process, HP discount codes are sometimes available online all year-round.

Who owns HP?

The original Hewlett-Packard Company was formed in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. Because it is a massive company today, many stakeholders own HP stock, but the biggest of them is a Chinese data-networking company called Tsinghua Unigroup with a 51% controlling stake.

How HP printer works

HP printers work by applying different combinations and gradients of ink to construct a clear picture on paper. All you need to do is to unbox your HP printer, remove its packaging, install its ink cartridge correctly, and plug it in.

Get HP cashback

Gadgets these days are getting more and more powerful, but becoming more and more expensive. You need to save where you can, and you can get cashback from your HP purchases when you shop with Quidco.

Visit the Quidco website and click ‘Get cashback’ at the top of the page. Then, allow it to redirect you to the HP website. Do your usual shopping, and when you check out, all your purchases will be tracked and processed. Before long, we’ll send the cashback into your Quidco account.