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HPI Check Cashback

Save money whilst shopping with HPI Check cashback! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
16% cashback
for a completed vehicle check
16% cashback
for a completed vehicle check
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Last updated Mar. 5, 2021



16% cashback

for a completed vehicle check

When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
  • Tracked in
    <Less than 6 hours
  • Pays within
    6 months

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback is not paid on VAT, delivery charges and any other additional fees, occasionally some may pay cashback on the full basket amount. When a minimum spend threshold is required to be eligible for cashback, retailers do not count VAT and fees in the total spend amount
  • Cashback can be earned simply by clicking through to the merchant and shopping as normal
  • Cashback is available on genuine, tracked purchases completed immediately and wholly online
  • Purchases at this merchant should appear as pending within 24 hours. They will remain at this status until the merchant confirms the purchase is eligible for cashback. Once this happens your purchase will reach the ‘confirmed’ status on your account
  • Most transactions from merchants track successfully, occasionally a transaction may not get reported. If you believe this to be the case, please submit a "Missing Cashback" claim within 45 days of the transaction.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation
  • Cashback is not issued by the merchant. If you have any queries regarding cashback or payments, please contact Quidco Customer Support directly and not the merchant
  • Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up to date, it may be out of date from time to time.
  • If you purchase products across multiple cashback rates in one session, the lowest rate will track against the full 'basket' amount
  • Cashback will only track if the merchant can track your purchase to us. This means that you must click the 'Get Cashback link', go straight through to the merchant website and make the purchase in the same session without exiting your internet browser
  • The merchant reserves all rights to take action (including legal action) as is considered necessary in its sole discretion in order to prevent or redress any fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of their website
  • The cashback offered is only available as shown at the time and the merchant reserves the right to withdraw their offering at any time
  • Cashback rates are subject to change and may increase or decrease at any time


  • If you apply an additional discount that reduces your overall purchase price, this may cause your cashback to be declined or reduced. e.g Voucher codes, student discount, staff discount
  • If you pay for your purchase using gift card
  • If you purchase a gift card & gift vouchers
  • If your purchase is not fully completed online
  • If you participate in any other offer/ promotion that is not covered in the retailer Cashback rates

Helpful Information

Shopping HPI Check

HPI Check Cashback

HPI Check provides consumers with complete and detailed car history reports. The firm has been in business since 1938, when they first offered car history checks to the British public. 

Backed by a £30,000 guarantee, HPI uses modern technology that ensures a complete background check for each vehicle. They are open every day to offer service. HPI Check offers 80 points of service, including reports on vehicle theft, insurance write-offs, previous owners, mileage, number plate changes, valuation, and MOT history.

HPI check car

Checking a car is essential when you want to buy or trade, and used vehicles are tough to purchase because several things could go wrong. There are certain things that are deal breakers for you as a buyer, and you can avoid cars that fall outside your comfort zone when checking an HPI Check report.

HPI check trade

As a car seller, you may accept trades from your buyers. You want to take your buyer at their word, but a complete HPI Check ensures you see all the information required to value the vehicle. If your buyer is surprised by the report, share it with them so that they know what issues they need to correct before completing the trade. 

HPI check vehicle

Checking vehicles helps you avoid scams and clones. The HPI check explains where the car came from, the correct VIN and chassis markings, and any scrappage records. A vehicle might be a clone built from another scrapped car, or it may be a salvaged vehicle. If you don’t value the vehicle with a history report, you might believe it is genuine, pay too much, and lose money on the deal.

HPI check for motorbike

Motorbikes can be evaluated just like any other vehicle. Motorbikes are easy to steal and repair, and the accident report helps you uncover severe damage, or you might even discover it was written off by the insurance company previously.

HPI check cashback

Cashback from HPI Check purchases helps you reinvest in the vehicle history reports you complete every day. Buyers and traders need these reports to succeed. Whether you run an auction house or are looking to sell your car to upgrade, and you should offer a history report with each vehicle. After receiving cashback through Quidco, you can spend that money on other brands, invest in new vehicle reports, and cut back on expenses. 

Get HPI Check cashback

If you want to get HPI Check cashback, visit the HPI Check cashback and offers page at Quidco. Check out the current cashback rate and read stats for the vendor. 

Once you have logged in to your Quidco account, click on the green ‘Get cashback’ button to visit HPI Check. As long as you use our link, you will receive the current cashback rate for all your purchases. Shop on the HPI Check website as you normally would. Once you make a purchase, we will verify the transaction and deposit the cashback directly into your Quidco account. Only use our discount codes if you want to save money; avoid other discount codes, as they can prevent your cashback payment from processing.