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Whether you’re hiring a car in a faraway place or at home, a car hire insurance policy is a necessity. You never know when you might be tricked by confusing jargon on your car hire contract, or unclear terms and conditions that could turn a simple process into an infuriatingly complex one. is an online provider of car hire insurance that eliminates all the headaches you might encounter when hiring a car.

What is car hire excess insurance?

When you get a car hire excess insurance policy, you can drive worry-free knowing that if you ever get into an accident, you are financially covered. Your coverage depends on what terms you can negotiate with an insurance provider. 

For example, you may bump into another car or centre island by accident, causing damage to your rental car amounting to £750. You are going to need to pay £500 to the car rental company if your negotiated excess was £500. With car hire excess insurance, you wouldn’t need to pay as much because your policy will cover a majority of the damage.

Do you need a car hire excess insurance package?

You can see the best rates for car hire excess insurance by downloading the iCarhireinsurance app and picking out a policy from there. You can also extend your existing plan for a discount with an iCarhireinsurance renewal.

A basic car rental package includes standard motor insurance. If your car suffers damage from a collision, you will not be held liable for some or the entirety of the cost to repair it, depending on the terms of the collision damage waiver you sign. You also have third-party liability insurance, meaning if someone believes you are the cause of an accident, the rental company will cover legal costs and compensation awards to everyone involved.

However, if your car is damaged or stolen while you’re away, you will still be responsible for the excess loss, meaning the damage to its windows, roof, headlights, undercarriage, and tyres. Before foregoing a car hire excess insurance package, ask yourself if you’re able to pay a hefty amount if something goes wrong.

iCarhireinsurance claims and renewal

You can purchase car hire excess insurance anytime, but the best opportunity is before you travel. iCarehireinsurance campervan packages can cover you and your family wherever you decide to travel. An iCarhireinsurance claim is always quickly served with no ifs or buts.

Car excess insurance covers all damages to the vulnerable parts of a rental vehicle, which is something rental companies can’t offer. It can also cover repair costs if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in your rental car or lose your keys. However, if you’re going to let someone else drive your rental car, make sure you sign them up as an iCarhireinsurance additional driver.

Get iCarhireinsurance cashback

To further protect you from unnecessary expenses, Quidco offers a cashback whenever you purchase a policy from iCarhireinsurance. Visit the Quidco website and look for the cashback links on the top section of the page. Click the ‘Get cashback’ link, which will direct you to iCarhireinsurance’s website, where you can pick up a policy.

Make your purchase, and we’ll track and process your cashback before sending it to your Quidco account.