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iPro VPN Cashback & Offers

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The internet is not the open space we dream of being. It was created to bridge gaps and allow people to connect over long distances. The rapid advancements in technology have accelerated the expansion of the internet and its penetration worldwide. Yet, something as simple as opening a website can be a challenge today.

Global politics, competition between services, regulations worldwide have created several roadblocks. Whether we talk about censorships in the interest of national security or the unavailability of a movie online on a digital service due to regional laws, the online experience is not flawless. Moreover, the repeal of Net Neutrality has pushed back the idea of an open and fair internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that establishes a secure communication link between the user and a VPN server. It is a private network on the public network that is the internet.

Leveraging VPN and several features at its core, iProVPN is built to provide privacy and security on the web. It lets you change your IP address – the digital identity – at will. Encryption provides the security that hides your activities, bypassing any local firewalls that block access to websites. The VPN server acts as a proxy for you, enabling you to access content that would otherwise be geo-restricted.

Such complex technologies have been molded into a service that is easy to use. Connect to a VPN server with a click and start browsing the web – it’s that simple.

It is becoming harder to trust services that have access to user data. We hear you. Our commitment to you is transparency and reliability.

We will never track your online activities or record them. What you do online will remain with you. As much as we advocate privacy, we also advocate the ethical use of a VPN.

Thanks to our location in the British Virgin Islands, we stand confident in our ability to provide you a service that can protect your privacy. The British Virgin Islands is an autonomous body with its own laws and court. The influence of the Five Eyes does not extend to the region.