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Jack's Flight Club Cashback

Save money whilst shopping with Jack's Flight Club cashback! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
4% cashback
for all completed bookings
4% cashback
for all completed bookings
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Last updated Dec. 15, 2020



4% cashback

for all completed bookings

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Helpful Information

Shopping Jack's Flight Club

When you want to explore the globe on a budget, Jack’s Flight Club is the alert service for you. The company’s staff spends hours scouring online airfare matrix systems to find incredible offers and error fares for flights from all airports in the United Kingdom and northern Europe, then sends them directly to you.

Jack’s Flight Club premium

While you can join Jack’s Flight Club and receive alerts for the cheapest flights for free, you can also upgrade to a Premium Membership at any time. As a premium member, you will have access to nearly four times as many flight deals as well as weekly “weekend trip” alerts and other perks. 

You will be the first of the club’s members to receive alerts about the best prices, making it more likely to secure the flight of your dreams. The Premium membership also allows you to select your departure airport so that you will only receive notices of the discount flights most relevant to you.

Jack’s Flight Club app

In addition to sending you emails, Jack’s Flight Club can also inform you of the best flight deals through the app available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You will receive push notifications to announce the most recent travel opportunities and will have easy access to all of the information you need to decide if the trip is right for you. Jack’s Flight Club is unaffiliated with any airlines or booking agents, so you will only receive notifications when it finds bargain airfares.

Jack’s Flight Club holidays

Plans for a holiday can vary wildly, whether it is a spontaneous choice or a well-planned itinerary. For those who are ready to travel at any time, Jack’s Flight Club tells you about upcoming weekend trips for cheap European city-break flights. Most other deals arrive anywhere from 2-11 months in advance, giving you plenty of time to plan the perfect holiday.

Jack’s Flight Club business class

Most discounts, hidden offers, and error fares you can capitalize on will be flights in economy class, but you can sometimes find. Jack’s Flight Club also monitors the prices of premium economy and business class flights so that it can message you with amazing deals on any flight.

Jack’s Flight Club membership

As a member of the Flight Club, you can expect Jack and his team to send you approximately 6-8 affordable flight opportunities each month—or more if you upgrade to the Premium membership. You will receive emails including information on the deal as well as a comparison to standard fare costs, an estimate of how long the deal will last, and a website with instructions for booking the flight. Jack’s team of experienced travelers will also include some travel tips about the destination as well as pictures to help inspire you as you plan your excursion.

Jack’s Flight Club cashback

When you find a deal on a flight near you, you can save even more money with our cashback option. At the top of Quidco’s website, you will find several cashback links. Once you click “Get cashback,” the page will open for Jack’s Flight Club so you can shop as you usually would. After you finish booking your flight, Quidco will track and process your cashback and send it to your Quidco account for you to collect.