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John Lewis Broadband Cashback & Offers

£8 cashback

John Lewis Broadband Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£8 cashback

for unlimited broadband and line rental

£8 cashback

for unlimited fibre extra broadband and line rental

£8 cashback

for unlimited fibre broadband and line rental

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More about John Lewis Broadband

John Lewis is famous for its high-quality homeware; however, they've now taken over the United Kingdom as one of the leading broadband providers. The broadband package is right in the middle of the market in terms of cost with no hidden fees, and the customer service is way above average. 

With all plans, you get unlimited broadband and phone coverage. People in England looking for a reliable internet provider that's reasonably priced can find it at John Lewis Broadband.

Who Provides John Lewis Broadband?

John Lewis Broadband’s provider is Plusnet. Plusnet is one of the largest internet companies in Great Britain and are a subsidiary of BT Group and BT Consumer. 

John Lewis Broadband routers

You get a free router when you purchase any of the John Lewis Broadband packages. The Fibre plan's router is a bit better than the unlimited router and offers a faster internet connection and more security. Users can choose to use their own router with John Lewis Broadband, but they must check to see if it's compatible first. 

The great thing about the free John Lewis Broadband router is there aren't any hidden charges or additional fees. You can start enjoying your broadband service right away. John Lewis even offers free installation and activation services upon purchasing one of their packages. 

John Lewis Broadband deals

John Lewis is by far more popular for its massive department stores, but today they are a traditional broadband provider in the United Kingdom. You get the quality service and care of a well-established brand along with straightforward and affordable packages. 

John Lewis Broadband setup

Setting up your John Lewis Broadband hardware is incredibly easy. John Lewis does offer free installation services, but you will need a normal phone line. If you don't already have a phone line, you can pay John Lewis a small fee to set one up.

For those who are switching providers, John Lewis will need to contact your previous internet provider to make arrangements. The entire switching process should only take roughly 10 to 12 days. 

John Lewis Broadband speed test

As soon as you sign up for John Lewis, you should receive an initial speed test. Your upload and download speeds are crucial, so it's essential you know how much you will need when choosing a package.  

Upload speed is important for those who send a lot of emails, upload videos or photos or play online video games. Download speed is for those who spend most of their time online reading or watching video content. 

John Lewis Broadband offers

John Lewis is known for offering straightforward packages that aren't confusing and don't have any hidden surprises. As a result, thousands of UK homeowners are making the switch to John Lewis for their network provider. 

The Unlimited, Fibre, and Fibre Extra plans are all affordable and come with helpful features and benefits, including a free router and installation services.

While John Lewis Broadband is a superb option for those looking for quality internet connection and bundles, it’s not the only one out there. You’ll likely know that broadband is a large investment, and choosing the right provider is key. To make finding the right broadband easy, use our comparison tool. 

Compare helps you find a great broadband package and save money. Plus, we’ll give you cashback when you take out a broadband subscription. This way, you’re finding a better deal by comparing, and you’re getting money back on top of that. Pretty good, right?

Get John Lewis Broadband cashback

Switching to John Lewis Broadband can save you a ton of money on your internet and phone coverage. However, did you know that you could save even more with cashback? Click on the 'Get cashback" link above, and when you purchase a plan with John Lewis, Quidco will deposit cashback straight into your account.