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Jude Bladder Strength Supplements Cashback & Offers

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Jude Bladder Strength Supplements Cashback & Offers

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More about Jude Bladder Strength Supplements

Bladder care made better.

Working with a team of leading doctors and gynaecologists, Jude are tackling one of the most hidden health taboos: bladder leaks and incontinence. Jude recognises that bladder care isn’t mainstream, yet it happens to us all. Middle-aged people, young people, fun people, famous people, sports people, ‘normal’ people!

Jude’s mission is to make bladder care preventative, holistic and unembarrassing(!) with their award-winning range of bladder supplements, bamboo pads and liners, and sustainable leak-proof underwear.

UK’s No.1 Bladder Strength Supplements:

Over 15,000 customers have already regained confidence from using Jude’s Supplements: a natural, effective approach to regaining bladder strength. Each dose contains a powerful blend of pumpkin seed and high-quality soy phytoestrogen extract. Natural, vegan and gentle to your body. Clinically proven to reduce leaks by 66%.

Bamboo Pads & Liners:

Ultra-thin, super-soft, planet-friendly pads. 6.2 times more absorbent and 6.4 times drier than other brands.

Leak-proof Pants:

Fast-absorbing, leak-free knickers. Not your usual incontinence pants: Jude’s knickers are available in a sleek French Cut or Full High design for maximum style and comfort, designed to hold 40ml of urine so you can feel dry and odour-free!