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JUVIA was created to work with our individual gut flora – collectively known as our microbiome. It has been developed by leading gut health experts at Ateria Health Ltd, and is backed by years of research. Our founders - Professor John Hunter and Dr Rosemary Waring - are world-leading gut health experts, and developed JUVIA based on their work.

The research that has led to JUVIA was the first to establish that when the gut doesn’t digest food completely, especially carbohydrates, it can lead to the growth of unhealthy gut flora and this imbalance can irritate the gut.

JUVIA consists of a range of enzymes (including amylases and glucanases if you want to get technical), which help to break down starch and plant materials. Digestive enzymes are vital in helping to break down food so your digestive system can absorb them.

These starches are broken down into glucose and other simple carbohydrates early on in your digestive process, and provide energy. This means that there’s much less starch in your lower gut for mal-fermentation and other digestive troubles.