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About Lakeland

Lakeland is the home of creative kitchenware and ideas for around the home.

Last updated Oct. 9, 2022
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    Shopping Lakeland

    Lakeland Cashback

    The popular cookware brand, Lakeland, started back in 1964, as Lakeland Plastics. Alan Rayner was an agricultural feed salesman, who started selling chickens at Kendal market in plastic bags.

    Rayner’s chickens were selling better than others at the market, and other sellers started buying bags from him for their own goods, and that's how Lakeland Plastics started.

    Selling the plastic bags at agricultural shows and through mail order, Lakeland Plastics grew and started selling more than plastics and branched out into farming accessories.

    In 1974, Alan Rayner retired and his sons Martin, Sam, and Julian, took over the business. They expanded it to include silverware, cookware, and specialty foods, which bears familiarity with how we know the brand now.

    Lakeland Plastics was renamed Lakeland Limited in 1997, and then Lakeland in 2007. Now Lakeland has almost 70 stores across the UK and a thriving online presence. On top of their goods and services, Lakeland also launched physical and digital catalogues to showcase all their products.

    Why shop with Lakeland?

    When shopping with Lakeland, you can buy various cooking, baking, storage, cleaning, and electrical products. As an added bonus, when you shop with Lakeland through Quidco, you can receive cashback on your shop.

    You can join the myLakeland rewards program to get discounts and exclusive offers when you shop with them. Lakeland also has regular deals on various goods throughout the year, so it's always worth having a browse to see what’s on offer.

    Popular ranges at Lakeland

    Cooking & baking

    Lakeland is probably best known for its cookware and bakeware products. Here you can find everything from pots and pans to the latest cooking related tech like ice cream makers and food dehydrators. You’ll find a wide range of brands for all your baking and cooking needs.


    You can never have enough storage, and Lakeland can help you find the perfect storage for every room in your home. Whether you need some extra space in your wardrobe or a better way to organise your kitchen cupboards, Lakeland has all the products you need.

    This includes things to help reduce food waste and eco-friendly options.


    Whether you’re needing equipment for a deep clean or just want to stock up on your household products, you can buy them and get cashback on them when you shop with Lakeland. You’ll be able to find products for everything you need to clean and look after in your home.

    Electrical goods

    Lakeland has a curated range of various electrical appliances, both own brand and premium brands, to help you make your home run as efficiently as it can. Products include everyday items like toasters and kettles to heated air fryers.

    All of their electrical products come with a three-year guarantee, so you can be sure that your goods are protected.

    5 ways to make the most of your cashback

    Explore our cashback rates

    When you shop through Lakeland through Quidco, there’s a range of cashback offers you can get depending on your order price.

    • 2.2% cashback on orders between £1 - £64.99
    • 3.2% cashback on orders between £65 - £94.99
    • 5.2% cashback for orders over £95

    Homemade is best

    Who doesn’t love a homemade meal? Why not get your kitchen decked out with all the equipment and goods you need to become an excellent home chef. You can deck your kitchen out with all the utensils you’ll need to make everything from stews to the perfect brunch.

    If you really want to invest in your equipment, Lakeland has various slow cookers and air fryers at your disposal to whip up some tasty meals.

    Bake Off ready

    Maybe this is the year you want to see if you're Bake Off ready. Lakeland has all the baking goods you need to get started on your baking journey. Regardless of whether you want to upgrade from hand mixing to a Kitchen Aid or just need some new muffin tins, Lakeland has everything you can possibly need to start baking.

    You can get more than just your baking equipment from Lakeland, they also have a wide variety of decorations and icing ready for you to use.

    Organise your bedroom

    Our bedrooms are meant to be the place where we can relax and unwind. That can be hard to do if you don’t have storage and organisation in your room. On the Lakeland site, you can find a large variety of vacuum-sealed storage bags that can fit under your bed for clothes storage.

    You can also find some over the hooks for coats and dressing gowns that can help you keep things in order.

    Look after your hair and beauty products

    Lakeland has various storage and organisers to help you keep your beauty and haircare products well protected and organised. This includes heat-proof mats for your hair styling tools and organisers that keep your hair dryer and tongs safe and well stored.

    When it comes to your makeup, Lakeland has various storage options to keep your brushes and products organised.

    Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

    Doing our bit for the environment is easy with Lakeland’s range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. This includes various drain cleaners, hob cleaners, laundry detergents, and lots more. Lakeland also has a variety of eco-friendly cleaning tools, like dish brushes, ironing cloths and bathroom cleaning pads.

    Lakeland discounts and loyalty schemes


    myLakeland is Lakeland’s loyalty card scheme. It’s free to join and members receive regular discounts, hand-picked offers based on your interests and shopping habits and exclusive competitions. Whenever a myLakeland member shops with Lakeland, some of the money will go to various UK charities Lakeland partners with.

    Lakeland discounts

    Lakeland offers a range of discounts on their website that change regularly, so it is always worthwhile keeping an eye out. When it comes to using Lakeland discount codes, always use ones from the Quidco to ensure you are eligible for cashback.

    Does Lakeland accept NHS discount?

    Yes, they offer an NHS discount via Blue Light Card for online orders.

    Currently, Lakeland does not offer student discount. 

    Lakeland delivery & returns


    Lakeland offers a wide variety of various delivery options. These include:

    • Standard delivery: free for orders over £50 and £3.50 for orders up to £49.99. Lakeland’s standard delivery takes 3-5 days.
    • Express delivery: standard delivery + £5.00. The express delivery option is not an option for the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, some parts of the Scottish Highlands, and parts of Northern Ireland. Express delivery can not be used on certain items due to FCO regulations and restrictions.
    • Click & Collect: all click & collect orders are free. Some orders are eligible for click & collect service at your local Lakeland store. You will receive an email when it’s ready for collection and will be held in the store for 4 days. You will need your order number, payment card, and a form of ID when you collect your order.
    • Ervi Parcelshop: £3.50 for standard delivery. You can get your orders delivered to any Ervi Parcelshop. You’ll be notified by text and email when it's ready to be picked up at your chosen Parcelshop, you’ll need some form of ID to pick up your order. Your order will be held for 10 days and returned to Lakeland.

    What can I get cashback on with Lakeland?

    You can get cashback on every purchase made through Quidco with Lakeland. For orders under £64.99, you’ll get 2.2% cashback on your purchases. For orders between £65-94.99, you’ll receive 3.2% cashback and for anything over £95 you’ll receive 5.2% cashback on your purchase.