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Landscaping Superstore Cashback & Offers

Up to 1.6% cashback

Landscaping Superstore Cashback & Offers

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Up to 20% off Cladco Composite Decking

+ Up to 1.6% Cashback

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1.6% cashback

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More about Landscaping Superstore

Gary Tasker, Mark Tasker, Brian Field and Rob Kavanagh had worked together at, what at the time, was a major roofing supplier. They had a shared idea that it would really useful to set up an online supplier that came with excellent, knowledgeable customer service.

They’d become frustrated with the way in which their previous company just couldn’t offer a good range that meant they could deliver everything people wanted. They also wanted to offer the kind of service levels that they knew were possible. So, over a Chinese meal in early 2009, they took the decision to launch online. Despite a total lack of internet experience, they recognised that by building a website to showcase products from all the key suppliers, they’d be halfway to where we wanted to go to give industry-leading choice.

The other half was to make sure they were always personally on hand to help with product knowledge. Even experienced roofers valued their in-depth knowledge of all the different suppliers’ ranges.

Landscaping Superstore's ‘Service above all else’ ethos was and still is at the heart of the business today – once one of them even slept in the cab of a truck overnight to make sure they were on-site at 5 AM to deliver supplies!