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Lexham Insurance Cashback & Offers

£21 cashback

Lexham Insurance Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£21 cashback

for a completed new policy

Last updated

More about Lexham Insurance

Lexham Insurance cashback

Lexham Insurance can help you find affordable insurance for almost any vehicle, including quads, bicycles, scooters, vans, or cars. It is a specialist broker that gives you access to a wide variety of schemes to find the right policy without having to spend time searching. In addition to working with household names in motorcycle and scooter manufacturing, Lexham works with its panel of insurers to compare quotes and find the best rates.

Bike insurance

With Lexham Insurance, you can easily find a comprehensive bicycle insurance policy to suit your needs at a reasonable price. Even insuring multiple bikes or electrically-assisted bicycles is not a problem, plus you have the flexibility to pay your annual premium all at once or in monthly instalments.

While your bicycle may be covered in your household insurance, it may not provide enough to cover the cost of replacing or even repairing your bike. Most policies only pay up to a specific limit that would leave you under-insured during a claim or do not cover your bicycle while you ride it away from home.

Lexham Insurance - motorbikes

Lexham Insurance is a leading insurer for motorcycles of all capacities and sizes. Different insurance plans with varied options and coverage give you flexibility in choosing your motorcycle insurance. 

Basic coverage is available from 3rd-party-only insurance to cover any damage or injury to a third party, plus it can be upgraded to include fire damage to your bike or theft. Comprehensive coverage includes all of the above as well as any damage to your motorcycle from an accident.

Changing your vehicle

If you need to make any changes to your policy, including a change of vehicle, Lexham Insurance employs a dedicated customer service team. They are available from Monday to Saturday to help you with any questions about your insurance or changes you need to make.

Lexham scooter insurance

Lexham Insurance offers its best scooter and moped insurance deals directly on its website. It has over 20 years of scooter insurance experience and is partnered with major manufacturers, including Yamaha and Vespa. You will have access to a 24-hour claim phone line as well as access to legal advice for personal injury if you are involved in a non-fault accident. 

Lexham Insurance renewal

When you renew your Lexham Insurance without making a claim for the year, you receive a percentage of the premium that increases up to a certain amount. However, any claim made under your insurance will cause you to lose your no-claim bonus unless another person was at fault and your insurer can recover what they paid from the other party’s insurance. This exclusion includes claims such as the theft of your vehicle.

Lexham Insurance cashback

Get a reasonable price for insurance on any of your personal vehicles by using Lexham Insurance through the Quidco cashback program. Head to the top of the page to find our cashback links, then click on ‘Get cashback.’ This link will let you choose your insurance through the Lexham Insurance website while we track and process your cashback. After this is complete, we will send your cashback into your Quidco account.

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