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Live Football Tickets

Last updated Oct. 26, 2022
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    Live Football Tickets cashback

    Live Football Tickets is an online service selling the best football tickets for in-date football matches in the UK and worldwide. Football enthusiasts can book these tickets securely on the Live Football Tickets website at affordable prices.

    The company has been in operation for 13 years. They have a real-time ticket inventory, so you know which games are still available, and promises customers a 150% money-back guarantee.

    Last-minute bookings are also available for those wishing to secure a ticket to an upcoming football match on short notice. All bookings are protected and occur on the website’s secure payment platform.

    Live Football Tickets experiences

    Live Football Tickets has a wide selection of regular football tickets for sale for popular football experiences in leagues such as the English Premier League, English FA Cup, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Bundesliga, Dutch League, Champions League, and the Carabao Cup.

    The platform also sells tickets for the world’s most significant footballing events such as the European Championship and the World Cup.

    Ticket prices vary according to market demand. All the tickets displayed are listed and priced by approved ticket specialists.

    Live Football Tickets delivery

    Once you search for and select the football match you wish to attend on the brand website, enter the number of tickets you want to purchase and click on the ‘Buy’ button, filling in your details. Remember to use any promo or discount codes at the ‘Make Payment’ stage to reduce the ticket price.

    English football tickets arrive at your doorstep 3 - 5 days before the football match. The company offers a 150% money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you do not receive the tickets you ordered in time for the game. The company refunds 100% of your money, plus offers you a credit worth 50% of the original ticket price towards another football match.

    Contact the helpdesk on 0871-284-5277 if you need help with your booking.

    Live Football Tickets sale

    Look out for the Live Tickets Football sale on the company website and Live Football Tickets social media pages. Take advantage of these sales to purchase much sought after football tickets at reduced prices.

    Seasonal tickets are also available, saving you money and eliminating the hassle of missing out on tickets for sold out league events.

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    Head up to the ‘Get Cashback’ links at the top of this Quidco page to be redirected to the Live Football Tickets website.

    Once you’ve made your purchase, Quidco will verify and process the cashback amount due to you. Quidco offers various payment options, including cash transfers to your bank or PayPal, or store-specific and Amazon gift cards. You can also withdraw a part of your account balance using the Quidco app.

    Remember, if you are withdrawing to your bank or PayPal account, ensure that your up-to-date details are registered on your settings page, which can take 48 hours to update. 

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