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More about Lordhair

Lordhair was founded by the current CEO, Jeff Gao, in 2006. He is a local man from Qingdao, China who made the brand what it is today. The inspiration behind the brand name comes from the word “lord”, which represents elegance, sophistication and power. The name is also a representative of the fact that we are seeking to become the market leader in the hair system industry.

Due to the acceleration of social development across the world. The pressures of day-to-day life are increasing in modern society. Consequently, more and more people are losing their hair at a younger age. People now have higher standards for their personal appearance and are constantly striving for that perfect look so the market demand is increasing. Hair is very much part of this look for people and that includes men. A traditional wig is just like a hat in that you need to take it off before you go to bed. A Lordhair hair system, on the other hand, becomes part of you - a new you - and with it you can swim, shower or do sports or whatever you would normally do in your daily life.

After several years of growth, Lordhair has gone from an unknown, small business to a famous brand in the industry. We’re an international supplier of high-quality hairpieces to men and women all over the world, especially in Europe and the US. The quality of our products continues to improve, our customer service continues to be more comprehensive and at the same time we are able to maintain low prices. Currently, one of the biggest advantages of Lordhair is that it provides a variety of base designs that can be customized freely and the whole design process is free of charge and that includes any consultations you may have with us. From analyzing our own sales data, we make sure that we stock our best-selling pieces in large quantities so that customers can easily access them. Aside from the convenience of fast delivery, we also offer the option of a pre-cutting service which removes the need to go to a hairdresser’s or barber’s to have a hair system cut in and styled.

In order to provide a more intimate and faster service to European consumers, we opened a branch in Germany in early 2019. Moreover, we are actively preparing to open other branches in different countries to make Lordhair more accessible to more people.

In the future, we believe that we should not only meet the basic needs of our customers but also incorporate popular trends to make our products more fashionable and in tune with what people want at a given time. We also firmly believe that the value of “For A Better You” will lead us to a brighter future.