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Lottoland Cashback & Offers

£6.40 cashback

Lottoland Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£6.40 cashback

for online stakes of £5 or over

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More about Lottoland

With Lottoland, customers can bet on the biggest lotteries from around the world, participating in huge jackpots!

Lottoland products are based on major UK, European and US lotteries.

  • IrishLotto (Irish national lottery)
  • EuroJackpot (European transnational lottery)
  • PowerBall (US multi-state lottery)
  • MegaMillions (US multi-state lottery)

Rather than selling tickets of official state lotteries, offers bets on their outcome. From a customer perspective, the result is the same: treats all customers as if they had played the official lottery.

  • A bet at could costs the same as entering the official draw
  • The payout is the same as in the official lottery
  • Jackpot-Wins are treated as if the winner would have won the underlying lottery


Additional features offered by Lottoland

DoubleJackpot – Go for twice the normal jackpot with this exclusive feature. Exclusive to Lottoland.
NumberShield - protect your jackpot! Don't fancy sharing your millions with anyone else? Then pay just a little extra to fully protect your numbers. This way, if any other Lottoland player has the same numbers as you, you won’t have to share a single penny of any big wins!

Our Mission

We want your lotto betting experience to be fun and exciting and to help boost your enjoyment we offer various promotions and discounts including our Welcome Bonus – Money Back Guarantee. So whether you bet on the lottery occasionally or are a serious lotto lover, make Lottoland your destination for lotto bets!


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