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LOVEtheatre Cashback & Offers

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LOVEtheatre cashback

With lockdowns getting in the way of everyone’s lives, perhaps no industry’s harder hit than film and theatre. For centuries, plays, movies, and musicals have been the three most popular ways to showcase what it’s like to fall in love, overcome evil, and be sublimely human. Get some excitement back in your life by seeing a movie, listening to an opera, or hearing what the hottest playwrights in town have to say with LOVEtheatre.

LOVEtheatre is proud to offer you cost-effective tickets to musicals, plays, and movies. Witness timeless classics like Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, and Mama Mia! See a show at the Garrick Theatre or the London Coliseum as the world’s most promising new prodigies play Mozart, Bach, and Chopin.

With LOVEtheatre, you will never run out of options that are a treat for your eyes, ears, and wallet.

LOVEtheatre tickets

LOVEtheatre tickets are some of the cheapest you can get in the UK, but that doesn’t mean they sell out too quickly. LOVEtheatre caters to so many mainstream and indie tastes across a broad range of genres that it’s unlikely that you won’t find something that will suit you.

2 for 1 offers

Aside from the love of the arts, LOVEtheatre’s philosophy centres around making the concept of love accessible to everyone. LOVEtheatre wants to continue that tradition by offering seasonal two-for-one ticket offers during Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s seasons.

LOVEtheatre gift card

Every British family has a member who is a patron of the arts. If you’re thinking of a birthday or Valentine’s gift that’s sure to put a smile on their faces, give them a LOVEtheatre gift card. Grab one for yourself and watch them swoon over the next Judd Apatow rom-com, overthink Christopher Nolan’s new puzzle, or rediscover their whimsy from Pixar’s latest offering.

LOVEtheatre app

Many scientists say that the future of everything is online, but they’re one step short. The next phase of everything is right beneath our fingers. The LOVEtheatre app features everything you need to book tickets for your date, friends, or the entire family.

Download LOVEtheatre from Google Play, the Apple Store, or the App Gallery, and get your tickets within minutes.

Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is the most successful musical in the world. It competes with The Lion in being the most profitable piece of entertainment in human history. However, did you know that its debut performance was a mere 34 years ago at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End?
See a timeless classic by booking tickets to classics like The Great Gatsby, The Lion King, or The Phantom of the Opera through LOVEtheatre today.

LOVEtheatre cashback

LOVEtheatre is your cost-effective ticket into British wit, drama, and action. They seasonally feature sales and two-for-one promos, but you can save even more by shopping for your tickets with Quidco.

Scroll up to the top of this page and look for the cashback links. You should find a ‘Get cashback’ button, which should take you back to the LOVEtheatre website. Make a valid purchase, and we will send your cashback to your Quidco account.

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