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£3.20 cashback
for for the purchase of a magazine subscription costing £10 or more
£3.20 cashback
for for the purchase of a magazine subscription costing £10 or more
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Last updated Mar. 1, 2021



£3.20 cashback

for for the purchase of a magazine subscription costing £10 or more

When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
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    3 months

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback can be earned by clicking the "Get cashback" button and purchasing as you normally would.
  • Cashback will only be confirmed where the purchase is genuine, tracked, done immediately and completed online (on the same device).
  • Cashback may not be tracked if you purchase using the merchant app (if applicable), some merchants may automatically re-direct you to their mobile app.
  • Make sure you have enabled cookie-tracking and do not have an ad-blocker on your browser.
  • Only use promotional codes/voucher codes from Quidco, using alternatives may decline your cashback.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation.


  • If your total order value is less than £10
  • If you apply an additional discount that reduces your overall purchase price e.g. voucher/discount codes
  • If you participate in any other offer / promotion e.g. free gift with purchase
  • If you pay for your purchase using a gift card
  • If you purchase a gift card & gift vouchers
  • If you purchase a non-subscription product e.g. single issues
  • Please also see the retailer's standard terms and conditions for purchase as listed on their site.

Helpful Information

Shopping Magazine.co.uk

If you adore Hello, Vanity Fair, Women’s Fitness, GQ, Homebuilding & Renovating, or any other vintage magazine company, magazine.co.uk is the perfect platform for you. The website sells subscriptions to different local and international magazines and newspapers. 

The mission is to offer subscribers a massive array of exclusive offers, gift ideas, and incredible discounts in one accessible location. Magazine.co.uk makes it easy for magazine fans to acquire monthly or yearly subscriptions through the website. 

A convenient subscription website, magazine.co.uk is the fastest-growing platform of its kind in the UK. It continues to attract visitors from all over the country with excellent content offers and continually updated material.

Magazine.co.uk subscription 

Whether you are into delicious magazine.co.uk subscribe trend or more into the sports edition, the portal will have something to satisfy your interests. 

Magazine.co.uk facilitates simple and reliable subscriptions, ensuring members receive every issue on time with added benefits. Perks include the privilege of receiving the magazine before it hits the stores, free delivery, and more.

Magazine.co.uk offers a 6-month, annual, and direct debit subscriptions. 

Magazine.co.uk giveaways

Do you like the sound of convenient subscription gifts, like Natural Health magazine.co.uk giveaways, Papercrafter magazine.co.uk giveaways, or Delicious magazine.co.uk recipes? Whether it is for your parents, friends, or loved ones, magazine.co.uk has a vast range of hassle-free gift subscriptions to suit all readers. 

Readers of all ages and interests will appreciate the vast selection of magazine subscriptions on offer. The publications arrive at the door every month, without exception. Put your gift hunting efforts to rest and take advantage of the incredible magazine gift subscriptions in various categories, including for her, for him, under £25, £25-£35, and more. 

Discounts and Benefits

If you want to subscribe to Vogue, Reader’s Digest, or House & Garden, magazine.co.uk provides discounted offers and sales deals for every occasion. The magazine sales section is updated regularly, so treat yourself with exciting promotions on your favourite titles and prints. 

Browse through the best magazines sales, and don’t forget to use magazine.co.uk promo codes and discount coupons to save even more on your next purchase. 

Get magazine.co.uk cashback 

Magazine.co.uk is a place where you can fulfil your reading interests, educate yourself, and ignite passions through fascinating content and fabulous stories. The extraordinary range of magazines and subscriptions is a perfect reading companion, no matter your niche.

Remember to subscribe to your favourite magazines using the Quidco magazine.co.uk cashback offers and discount codes.  Scroll to the top of this page, where you can find all cashback offers.  Click “Get cashback,” and we’ll direct you to magazine.co.uk. Browse sports, fashion, health and wellness, architecture, or cooking magazines all in one place.  Once you purchase a subscription on the site, we will process your transaction and send the cashback directly to your Quidco account. 

Quidco subscribes to magazine.co.uk

Do you already have a certain magazine in mind? Perhaps you want to explore the offerings and subscribe to something new? There is something for everyone; why wait to indulge your interests? 

Quidco updates the offers regularly, so remember to take advantage of our promo codes and cashback deals whenever you want to browse your next magazine subscription.