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McAfee Cashback

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28% cashback
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28% cashback
for all purchases
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Last updated Mar. 4, 2021



28% cashback

for all purchases

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Helpful Information

Shopping McAfee

McAfee cashback

McAfee keeps computer and mobile device users safe by covering the vulnerabilities cyber attackers typically exploit. McAfee has provided computer protection services since 1987. The company is famous for its quality and affordability, which has enabled it to win several coveted awards, including the PC Mag Editors Choice award an impressive 30 times.

McAfee is compatible with every type of computer and mobile device, regardless of the operating system. If installing the product does not eliminate viruses from your system, McAfee’s 30-day money-back guarantee entitles you to a refund.

Keep all your devices safe with McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is an all-in-one tool that shields against various viruses, ransomware, and other online threats. It saves you money by being the only product you need to protect all your devices against cyberattacks.

The product keeps you safe whether you are online and offline, and can protect up to ten devices, depending on the package you choose. Besides eliminating cyber threats, McAfee Total Protection keeps your system running smoothly by providing PC optimisation and App Boost. Other useful features are McAfee QuickClean, McAfee Shredder, and secure VPN.

McAfee Antivirus for hassle-free security

You do not need any special skills to enjoy the full benefits of using McAfee Antivirus. Most of the tool’s operations function automatically, and if you require assistance, you can get it from McAfee’s online security experts, who are available 24/7.

McAfee free trial

McAfee Total Protection is available in different plans to fit various budgets. If you are unsure about using McAfee, take advantage of the free trial offer to test the product. The free trial is available for 30 days and gives you unfettered access to all of the product’s features, including premium antivirus protection, PC optimisation, safe web browsing, and more.

McAfee virus scan at your convenience

Set the McAfee antivirus tool to run a virus scan as regularly as you want. At the scheduled time, the scan will run in the background to identify and eliminate threats. When the scan is over, the tool will provide you with a detailed report about eliminated threats.

McAfee will also automatically scan any external memory devices you plug into your system. Alternatively, run a manual scan if you suspect your system is under attack or before opening an unfamiliar file or device.

Always stay protected with automatic McAfee renewal

By leaving your settings on auto-renewal, your protection plan will renew 30 days before it expires. McAfee will deduct the renewal fee from the credit card linked to your account.

If you deactivate auto-renewal, McAfee will notify you 30 days before your plan expires. Failure to renew will expose you to cyberattacks.

Get McAfee cashback

Are you ready to optimise your computer and mobile security? Buy McAfee Total Protection today. Stay safe and earn cashback on your purchase by shopping with Quidco. Click the ‘Get cashback’ button above, and it will take you to the McAfee website where you can pick a plan and pay.

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