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Mealworms Online

Last updated Mar. 29, 2023
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    At Mealworms-online we are commited to becoming the UK's best dried mealworm supplier. We aim to do this by specialising on this only which means that we have the time and resources available to concentrate on our service levels and product offering. We want to ensure that we have the best prices and availablility, and to be able to offer dried mealworms in the weight or pack size that our customers want.


    Mealworms-Online is a trading name for UKPetSupplies Ltd, and as such we already have over 8 years experience in trading online and running a succesful Internet business. 


    We are a small team based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. All our mealworms are imported directly by us from our trusted suppliers which means that our mealworms are some of the freshest you can buy, and have not been stuck on shop shelves for months or even years! 


    Trust us to supply your dried mealworms for your poultry or Wild Birds and you will not be disapointed!