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Monkey Mum Cashback & Offers

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Monkey Mum Cashback & Offers

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More about Monkey Mum

And that's why we're here! We founded the Monkey Mum project, which was originally to merge a blog, forum, bazaar and e-shop. In the end, however, we sharpened the direction of the e-shop with equipment for gentle motherhood. And why? Probably because being a mom can mean making nature a pretty decent glade. Everything is disposable, everything is too much. At the same time, babies and children need so little. At the same time, we want to motivate mothers to go in the direction of wearing, kissing, breastfeeding, caressing, playing and frequent walking of children.

At the e-shop, we simply want to sell everything that comes to us personally for monkey mothers and their most important monkeys. And if there is a bazaar and a forum one day, who knows... But we have a lot of plans, so definitely don't stop watching us.