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Muslim Aid Cashback & Offers

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Muslim Aid Cashback & Offers

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More about Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid is the UK's second-largest Muslim charity and has a track record of serving the whole of humanity, as inspired by Islamic values. Our work is renowned for having a lasting impact on the communities in which we serve, as we champion empowering beneficiaries when they receive aid. We provide help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, discrimination, homelessness, debt, unemployment, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.

Having decades of experience in responding to both emergencies and long-term development, we are in a unique position of specialising in both responses and even turning emergency responses into long-term development projects to help victims of disaster rebuild their lives in a way that will ensure their communities are even stronger than they first were before the disaster took place. We fill many niches and give special emphasis to capacity building, economic empowerment, education and improving child and women health. We use our experience to fill in gaps in relief work that are often overlooked, such as ensuring sanitary products for women during emergencies are considered a direct essential.

We keep our operations as decentralised as possible by appointing country offices that are given the autonomy to respond to the local needs of their own communities, or working with trusted partners on the ground in the countries we operate in. Stakeholders and beneficiaries are always consulted during the process of our work, which keeps them empowered and us in a state of consistent self-betterment to ensure aid is being delivered in a way that serves beneficiaries in the best way for them. Islamic values are at the heart of our ethos — here are the main ones we strive for in our work: - Compassion and justice (Ru’ufun and ‘Adl) in all of our actions; - Accountability and transparency (Muhasabah and Shafafyah) to all of our stakeholders, especially the communities which we work with; - Action with quality (Amal m’a Jawadah) – our programmes reflect and fill a gap identified by the communities we work with, with longer term actions based upon need and capacity; - Respect for rights, dignity and equal opportunity (Karamah and Sawaseyah) of all peoples; - Empowerment (Tamkeen) communities and individuals to reach their potential.

“Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all humankind” (Qur’an 5:32)”. Thank You.