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My Sphere of Life

Last updated Sep. 2, 2022
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    MySphereofLife.com is an online shop dedicated entirely to the fabulous Sphere of Life brand. Sphere of Life is the perfect jewellery gift.


    Each design was created to express a special sentimental message. The pieces are designed in Sterling Silver around themes taken from life, love and friendship, with meaningful names that help you express whats in your heart. Each item comes in the unique Sphere gift packaging a stunning metallic Sphere creating a wow moment when the gift is unveiled.


    When you give a Sphere of Life gift, you dont only give a gorgeous jewellery design that has special meaning, you also give an amazing gift experience. The Sphere of Life brand has a growing following with a vibrant community of facebook fans, most of them in the UK. The brand is often featured in fashion blogs, and has won an award for commercial innovation.