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Nicholson's Pubs Cashback & Offers

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Nicholson's Pubs Cashback & Offers

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More about Nicholson's Pubs

Serving up seasonal specialties and mouth-watering favourites.

Nicholson's tempting pub dishes are everything you’d hope for on a British pub menu and so much more

From their famous selection of pies to their hearty mains, like chicken and chorizo, our Nicholson's burger or sausage and mash, there’s a selection of food that’s perfectly suited every appetite.

Why not try one of Nicholson's new hand-crafted specialty pies including their wild boar & chorizo pie, slow-cooked beef rib, shin & pulled brisket pie, or their lamb shank pie?

Or, if you prefer a classic, choose their Steak & Nicholson's Pale Ale pie – awarded gold at the British Pie Awards, they're proud to say.