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O2 Mobile Broadband, Tablets and Wearables Cashback & Offers

Up to 2.4%/£33.60 cashback

O2 Mobile Broadband, Tablets and Wearables Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Save up to £144 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 4G

+ £16 Cashback

Online cashback rates

£33.60 cashback

for tablet contracts 11GB or more

£28 cashback

for tablet contracts 6GB - 10GB

£24 cashback

for tablet contracts 2GB - 5GB

£16 cashback

for tablet contracts under 2GB

£16 cashback

for Apple Watches and Smartwatches contracts

£4 cashback

for mobile broadband dongle contracts

£4 cashback

for mobile broadband hotspot contracts

2.4% cashback

for accessories

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More about O2 Mobile Broadband, Tablets and Wearables

O2 is the UK’s largest mobile network provider, serving tens of millions with mobile phone contracts and data. The network offers a great choice of phone handsets, SIM only, tablets, wearables and iPad SIM deals. Plus, a boatload of extra incentives for its customers. 

With O2, you have complete control over how much you pay. The brand’s custom plans allow customers to choose how much they pay up-front, helping them spread the cost of their monthly bill. Choose your up-front cost, the length of time you want to pay and your data allowance. If you want to pay less month-by-month, then opt to have your payment extended up to 36 months. Want to pay it off quicker? You can pay off the total cost in just three months. However you choose to pay, the cost of your phone will not change.

Plus, once you've set up your plan, you’ll get to pick an incentive, just for you. Select from Amazon Prime Video, Audible and Calm.