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OVHcloud Cashback & Offers

Up to 16%/£8 cashback

OVHcloud Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

16% cashback

for new customer dedicated server purchases

11.25% cashback

for new customer VPS purchases

£8 cashback

for new customer hosting purchases

11% cashback

for existing customer dedicated server purchases

7.5% cashback

for existing customer VPS purchases

£4.50 cashback

for existing customer hosting purchases

4% cashback

for all other purchases

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More about OVHcloud

As the world around us changes, data is becoming an increasingly significant part of our personal, social and professional lives. To match the ubiquity of data in this digital landscape, OVHcloud is committed to offering well-designed solutions. Our products help all of our users build an infrastructure that matches their goals, with an eco-friendly approach and manageable costs. We are also developing an active ecosystem, in which all actors use their expertise to contribute to the success of our services. This way, we meet our community’s expectations while sharing common values.