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Owens Organic Coffee Cashback & Offers

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Owens Organic Coffee Cashback & Offers

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About Owens Coffee

Owens Coffee are an independent, family-run coffee roaster based in the beautiful region of South Devon and with an established reputation since 2010. They are dedicated to producing great-tasting, specialty coffee that is 100% organic and Fairtrade certified. They are committed to helping their customers make better coffee: better for them, better for communities (both at home in the UK and for those coffee farmers supplying our beans) and better for the planet.

Organic-Certified Coffee

All of Owens Organic coffees are organically certified by the Soil Association. This means coffee farmers are committed to organic-farming practices using no chemical pesticides or fertilisers. However, it isn't only about this reassuring commitment to using no nasties! Water is a precious resource and organic-certified farmers must recycle their water supply with no draining onto land / into rivers around the farms. Organic coffee beans are shade-grown for slowly-ripened flavour and avoiding deforestation.

Fairtrade-Certified Coffee

All of the Owens coffee range is also organically certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. This means that farmers are paid fair prices, plus they are supported as partners by their local Fairtrade organisations with training, excellent-quality advice and by the Fairtrade Premium, which is an additional payment made on top of the price of the coffee and which the farmers can decide how best to utilise to support their businesses/communities.