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PAJ GPS Cashback & Offers

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"Protect what you love!"

With this guiding principle, PAJ has been providing reliable GPS Tracker protection for objects, people, and animals for over 13 years. In connection with our own FINDER portal (iOS & Android or web browser), the current location of, for example, a car can be reliably tracked from anywhere and at any time. Subsequently, the journey covered can be analysed for up to 365 days, providing useful information about speed and the number of kilometres travelled. Additionally, various alarm functions can be quickly and easily managed. When an alarm is triggered, a notification is sent via push message or email, enabling immediate intervention.

Advantages of our GPS Tracking System:

- Live tracking via app (iOS & Android) or web browser
- 365 days of route storage
- Various alarm functions (vibration, movement, speed, radius alarm, and many more)
- Notification via push message and/or email
- Wide range of applications (vehicles, boats, motorcycles, children, seniors, animals, etc.)
- Tracking in over 100 countries