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Panda London Cashback & Offers

Up to 8% cashback

Panda London Cashback & Offers

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Save 15% off everything

Online cashback rates

8% cashback

for mattress purchases

5.6% cashback

for all other purchases

4% cashback

for mattress topper purchases

4% cashback

for muslin purchases

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More about Panda London

More than just a place to live.
A place to belong.
In 2015, we decided to redefine what it means to feel at home. To create products that are premium quality, kind to the skin and thoughtfully green. To do that, we set out on a journey to find the right material. That’s when we discovered the bamboo fabric, in the backwoods of South East Asia. A material like no other. Luxuriously soft. Naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. 

Highly breathable. Sustainable. 

By using the latest technology, innovation, and timeless design, we are redefining home essentials. 

Creating products that transform somewhere to live, into somewhere to belong. Panda.
Feel at home. 

Our Bamboo
100% of the bamboo we harvest is organically and ethically sourced. We only harvest from sustainable bamboo forests which are 100% organic and free from pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides. We only use sustainable and habitat free bamboo farms.