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More about PhysioRoom

Founded in October 2000, PhysioRoom.com is well established as the world's leading, jargon-explained, sports injury Website. We offer a wide range of educational content, features, and online shopping services related to sports injury and sports medicine, empowering our users with knowledge about their own sports injuries, and supplementing treatment and advice given by their doctor or Chartered Physiotherapist.


To compliment this service and ensure that we can continue to provide it completely free of charge with ongoing commercial viability, the PhysioRoom.com Shop was launched in 2003.


The high quality products available in the PhysioRoom.com Shop are sourced from leading sports medicine product manufacturers, to provide solutions to your sports injury needs at the best possible prices.


Having listened to our customers, we understand the need to receive items quickly so, as well as providing a secure, easy to use shopping experience, we ensure that the vast majority of our range is available for immediate dispatch, worldwide, with next day delivery available within the UK mainland.


The sale of sports injury products allows us to enhance the complete healthcare experience for our users, by offering the benefits of using the right products to aid sports injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

We also provide the definitive resource for information regarding injuries sustained by soccer players in the English Premier League. Our database of all EPL injuries is the most comprehensive avaiable and, at any time, all EPL injuries are listed in The PhysioRoom.com Injury League Table.


Beyond this unique service, our experts also go behind the injury headlines and provide in depth, explanations of the injuries sustained by elite level athletes. In doing so, we provide a healthcare resource for all, with detailed information about the most common sports injuries to affect both professional and recreational athletes. We walk you through the nature of injuries, how they're diagnosed and treated, and what the latest rehabilitation practices involve. What's more, we promise to explain the jargon!

All our medical information is provided by fully qualified medical professionals who are experienced in the treatment of elite athletes, including English Premier League soccer players, making this the most authoritative source of professional sport injury information there is.


We endeavour to provide you with the highest quality of service in the most responsible manner. We must therefore stress that the articles on this Website are provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical care or treatment by a qualified practitioner.

Our unique content and ease of use has helped our brand grow almost entirely through word of mouth from satisfied users. We hope you enjoy, and benefit from, the PhysioRoom.com experience!