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Plusnet Broadband Cashback & Offers

Up to £85 cashback

Plusnet Broadband Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates


£85 cashback

for unlimited fibre extra and line rental purchases


£80 cashback

for unlimited fibre broadband and line rental purchases

£55 cashback

for unlimited broadband and line rental purchases

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More about Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet began in 1997 when its founders, Paul Cusack and Lee Strafford, recognized a gap in the market for reliable, affordable internet and mobile services. 

Their response was to provide value-for-the-money packages with TV channels, broadband, and mobile. The Plusnet broadband and phone packages are among the most generous in the U.K. You’ll get a free Plusnet router, unlimited usage, parental control, Safeguard online, and 24/7 U.K. support.

Save even more in the bargain by signing up through Quidco and claiming your cashback. 

Plusnet deals

Each Plus internet package falls into one of two categories: 

Broadband: All these plans are unlimited. The differences pertain to the line speed of each plan. According to the Plusnet speed test, average rates range between 10 MB and 66 MB. The 10 MB plan is affordable for simple web browsing. 

Fibre: If you love streaming TV shows, or do much downloading, fibre’s a better option. With an average download speed of 36 MB, you can say goodbye to annoying buffering.

Each package includes all the extras like line rental. Users may also add call plans at reasonable rates. 


Get Plusnet cashback

Are you ready to sign up for some outstanding entertainment and earn money back? Hit the green “Get Cashback” button on this page and see what deals Plusnet has for you. 

When you see something that you like, complete the application and submit it, all in one session. If you'd prefer to think about it a bit longer, then scratch your application and start afresh another day. Quidco cannot provide cashback on saved applications.

When you complete your application, we note the package that you chose. We’ll credit your account within one working day. 

You'll then need to allow the standard waiting period to elapse before you may use the money. Once that's happened, it's all yours. 

Quidco it at Plusnet Broadband

Why sign up through Quidco? Earn cashback when you use our link to activate your Plusnet account.  

Choose an unlimited broadband package along with line rental to receive money back. Most cashback programs stop there. At Quidco, we sweeten the deal with exclusive extras you won't find elsewhere.