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Protein Works Cashback & Offers

Up to 9.6% cashback

Protein Works Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Up to 80% off in the sale

+ Up to 9.6% Cashback

| Expires in a day

Online cashback rates

9.6% cashback

for all other new customer purchases

4.8% cashback

for all other existing customer purchases

1.6% cashback

for purchases when a voucher code is used

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More about Protein Works

Launched in 2012, Protein Works has rapidly become a well-respected online sports nutrition brand, offering high-quality products at low prices. This, combined with a lifetime guarantee on all their products, makes them stand out in a crowded market. Protein Works provides you with meal replacement powders and whey proteins, as well as peanut butter and chocolate spreads, for life’s little indulgent moments. 

Those opting for a plant-based diet will be able to take full advantage of the Vegan range, including many replacement shakes, supplements, protein powders and dairy-free milk alternatives. Protein Works have featured in popular news publications and TV programmes including Men’s Health, The Guardian and This Morning.

Protein Works vegan protein

pProtein Works takes its vegan products seriously. The vegan protein is designed by vegan nutrition experts. If you’re vegan, or even if you’re not, these protein products offer an environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free substitute for other protein sources. Yet it still packs the same punch. It’s made up five — yes, five — different protein sources: hemp, brown rice, sunflower, soy and pea.

You may worry that vegan protein won’t taste as good as its dairy counterparts. Well, you shouldn’t. Protein Works comes in six different flavours, including Chocolate Mint Brownie and Vanilla Creme. All flavours boast a smooth texture with a clean rich taste. So you’ll be building up your body and loving every minute of it.

Get Protein Works cashback

Get cashback on your order when you shop with Quidco. Simply click the ‘Get cashback’ offer where you’ll be automatically redirected to their site. Shop as you would normally. Once you’ve made a valid purchase, we’ll track and process your Protein Works cashback before sending it into you Quidco account. Don’t forget, if you spend over £50 at Protein Works, you’ll be entitled to free delivery.

Save extra with Protein Works discount codes and voucher codes

Cashback isn’t the only way you can save on Protein Works; not by a long way. Here at Quidco, we also offer discount codes and promo codes on Protein Works. Unlike cashback, which works by us sending you money after you’ve made a purchase, these cut the cost of your protein products immediately. To make things even sweeter, you can use our discount codes at the same time as our cashback offers, so you can make money while you save money at Protein Works.

If you’re unfamiliar with discount codes, there super easy to use. Just find a code at the top of this page. Click ‘Reveal code’ and copy the coupon that you see. For example, it could be ‘10% off all vegan products’. Then head to Protein Works website via the ‘Shop now’ button. Find the items that the voucher applies to — here, it will be vegan products — and put them in your shopping basket. 

When you’re at the checkout page, redeem your voucher where prompted and you’ll see the price of your order fall. Now just enjoy your protein while we sort out your cashback.