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Pure Beauty Cashback & Offers

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Pure Beauty Cashback & Offers

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More about Pure Beauty

What are our aims?
Pure Beauty is a highly respected Beauty Salon in Lichfield that focuses on delivering the best to its clients. We have developed our systems and standards in the salon and now we are bringing them to on-line retailing. Our aims are as follows:

Retail Specialist Skin Care
We aim to provide access to high level specialist skin care products. We have the salon experience to ensure that the products we sell are the best available, and we have the skills and knowledge to ensure you are given the correct prescription for your skins needs. We have included all of the necessary information for you to be able to make the correct choices for your skin and even offer an email consultancy in you require individual care.

Best Customer Service
Although we offer great discounts on our product range and regular discount codes to those who subscribe to the mailing list, we make only one promise: We will not be beaten for Customer Service. We will not promise that we are always the cheapest, but we will promise that you will not find better customer service elsewhere.

Best Retail Experience
We want to make on-line shopping simple and easy. We have designed our site to appear clean and uncluttered. You can see a little information or you can see a lot. We will let you know which are the best sellers, we will provide you with skin care advice, ingredient overviews and even how best to apply the products once you have them at home. You can use our comprehensive search facility to search for skin conditions, ingredients or products, or you can browse by category or brand if you know what you need.

How do we ensure we fulfil our aims?
What do we do that's different from everyone else? How do we surpass your expectations and keep our promises? We practice what we preach:

Customer Care Standards
These are the promises we make to you:

  • You will be able to buy from a well maintained, simple to use and uncluttered shop.
  • All of your personal details will be stored in a secure environment.
  • Your information will never be passed onto any third parties for any purposes other than those necessary to complete the purchase transaction.
  • We will never store any financial information about you - this will be handled by our payment service providers who are experts and have the facilities and knowledge to ensure you're fully protected.
  • You can buy knowing that if you are not entirely satisfied, and you follow our simple guide to Returns and Cancellations, that you will receive a full 'no quibble' refund.
  • You will always be able to contact us and speak to a person if you really need to. Absolutely no cueing on the phone - although you may have to leave a message.

Environmental Responsibilities
We take our responsibilities to our environment very seriously. We have planned and researched to ensure that our store and service have the smallest environmental impact as possible.

Packaging & Filler:
We only use cardboard packaging and we have sourced biodegradable void filler to ensure that your products are protected in transit. All of our invoices are printed on paper and everything that you throw away when your products have arrive can be recycled. We do not see the need to use unnecessary plastic bags.

Delivery Service:
We have made the decision to use Royal Mail as our delivery provider due to the fact that the type and method of delivery is as environmentally friendly as possible. They already have a large and well organised distribution network that means we will be diluting any damage they cause. Royal Mail ensure that most parcels are delivered by hand by someone who is going to be there anyway.