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Quidco High Street


  • Simply register up to 5 debit/credit cards in your In-store settings. Allow 24 hours for your card to register and then shop as normal – using your registered cards - at your favourite participating retailers.

    Please note: Some retailers do require you to 'activate' the offer to receive cashback or a higher rate of cashback. Please check Quidco.com to see if this is the case for the retailer you are wanting to purchase with.

  • We promise your card details are kept secure. We don't take any payment; we just need the details to track where and when you've made a purchase so we can pay your cashback.

    Read more about how we comply with the Payment Card industry data standards.

  • Quidco has partnered with VISA to offer In-store cashback at certain retailers when you pay with a VISA debit or credit card. To take advantage of these offers you must register a VISA debit or credit card and use it to you pay for your purchase.

  • In some cases we may prompt you to activate an offer to receive cashback or a higher rate of cashback. Please check Quidco.com to see which retailers require activation before you shop

  • It's easy to activate an offer, simply click the blue 'activate' button on an offer on Quidco.com.

  • It's normal for a Quidco High Street purchase to take up to 21 days to track, due to the returns policies in participating stores. However we would recommend keeping hold of your receipt, until your purchase has tracked.

    In the unlikely event that your purchase hasn't tracked after that time, please get in touch with us via our messenger service.

    Please note:
    You will need to do this within three months of the purchase date and we regret we are unable to answer any other type of query. Only certain retailers offer in-store cashback. You can find a list of these HERE.

  • The only reason for Quidco High Street cashback to be declined by a retailer is when the purchase has been returned. We're afraid cashback isn't payable for returned goods.

  • - First you need to sign in to your Quidco account.

    - Then, on your 'My Quidco' homepage you'll need to click the 'Settings' tab on the right-hand side of the account summary dashboard.

    - From the menu on the left select 'In-store' settings and when prompted select 'add card'.

    - Enter the long number on the front of your Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and Maestro and then click the 'register card' button. Only your card number is registered, not your expiry date, security code or PIN so it's completely secure. You can de-register a card at any time.

    - Once you've done that, you're all set up. You're now free to shop in-store at our registered retailers.

  • You can register Mastercard, Maestro and VISA credit and debit cards. The following cards cannot be registered for In-store cashback: Barclaycard Football (MasterCard), Amex American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Debenhams (MasterCard), Debenhams (Store Card)

  • Payment of Quidco High Street cashback can sometimes take a little longer than online cashback. For an indication of the payment date please visit the retailer's In-store page on Quidco.com. If it looks as though your cashback is taking longer than it should rest assured that our Support team will chase the retailer. As soon as we've been passed your cashback we'll let you know.