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Last updated Feb. 20, 2024
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    Shopping Raileasy

    In the UK, we’re lucky. We have well-developed train routes that get you from one end of the country to the other. Where we’re less fortunate is that different companies manage different stretches of the track.

    This division makes the job of putting together a cross-country trip far more complicated than it needs to be. Booking your ticket through an agent simplifies matters, but increases the price that you pay.

    Raileasy set out to change all this with its innovative route planner, mobile booking service, and e-ticket system.

    Raileasy ticket splitting

    The UK rail system works by connecting a series of railway companies. Each firm controls a particular section of the route and can charge what they prefer. When buying a single ticket that passes through several stations, the agent usually charges you the highest rate along the way.

    With Raileasy trainsplit, you save money by booking each trip directly with the rail company. What makes Raileasy split ticketing unique is that it automates everything for you.

    You could, for example, check the various routes and book your fares with each company. It’s often too much trouble for people, and one of the reasons that splitting tickets isn’t very popular. While it’s the cheapest option, it’s also the one where there’s the highest chance of making an error.

    The Raileasy journey planner does it all for you. It checks whether there are splits, and works out the most efficient use of them. It books the best routes automatically, preventing you from making expensive mistakes.  

    Refunds and changing bookings

    You may request a refund or change a booking for a small administrative fee and any price difference in the tickets. Ask for the change through the app or website on unsplit tickets. You may change the time or date of the trip but cannot amend the route in any way.

    Flexible return tickets are fully refundable, less the administration fee.

    Raileasy app

    The app makes it simple to get your tickets. In the past, you could book online but still had to report to the kiosk to collect your ticket. With the app, that’s no longer necessary. Simply book your trip, and Raileasy emails your e-ticket.

    You have then two choices. If you’re sure of a strong data connection at the station, download the document to your smartphone, and you’re ready to go. As a backup, it’s advisable to print it out before you leave home.   

    The e-ticket contains all the relevant information about your trip. You’ll notice a QR code at the top of the page. When you get to the station, scan this code at the entrance, or present it to an employee.

    Get your Raileasy cashback

    Are you ready to ride the rails? It might not quite have the same romantic appeal today as when the steam engines ran, but it’s an efficient way to travel. Raileasy makes it simple to get the best deal on your ticket.

    Cashback from Quidco sweetens the deal. Click the box marked ‘Get cashback’ above and then book your trip. After payment, you’ll receive a percentage of the amount back from us that goes straight into your Quidco account.