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Earn cashback every time you refer someone to Quidco

Earn £20 cashback every time you successfully introduce friends, family, colleagues, and your social media pals to Quidco.

How does Refer Quidco work

In our opinion, the biggest compliment you can pay us is recommending Quidco.

As a pat on the back for doing so, we offer you a cashback bonus which you can either keep for yourself or share with the person you refer.

It's a very simple process and only takes a few moments, just follow the easy steps outlined below...

Refer Retailers

What do you want to refer?

Choose whether to refer Quidco or one of our retailers.

How do you want to share us?

You can contact your friends by email and social media or share your personalised referral link. You can even post Quidco banners on your blog for added exposure.

Ready to refer your friends?...

Start referring friends now

Remember, your friend has to earn £5 cashback before you receive your bonus, so be sure to encourage them to shop after they've joined.