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Secret Linen Store Cashback & Offers

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More about Secret Linen Store

We grew up in a mad house with five girls, two guinea pigs, four cats, a horse, about eighty seven different fish, and our dad. It was brilliant. Together we have a combined twenty five years of experience in high street bedroom retail, Molly designing and Harriet marketing. We pride ourselves on knowing what’s what when it comes to creating comfy, quality bed linen. 

So here we are… creating beautiful bed linen at crazy prices. All our bed linen is hand designed by Molly, then woven in the best factories in Portugal. 

We have no fancy offices or stores and deliver straight to the customer, thereby cutting the high street price almost in half. 

Our brand stays honest and transparent by working with our customers and always staying friends with our factory. It really is that simple… tell everyone, it’s a secret we’re happy to share.