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More about Serenity Hue

As the founder of Serenity Hue, I started off as a biomedical scientist working in labs developing, testing and creating new formulas. I worked for companies like Johnson and Johnson, conducting clinical trials, and for the NHS. 10 years later I found myself helping my sister in her salon; with nothing but a passion for beauty, we started off with one beauty chair to thread eyebrows.

After a year, the business blossomed. We had customers with problems – from very sparse brows to brows with lots of gaps due to over-tinting and over-plucking. I saw 100% damage and zero love. I began to see a gap in the beauty industry where I could create natural products that fuel the brow, so our clients could look good and regrow their brows while using natural, glam products. I worked on devising brow styles and tints that could create the same style and fuel the eyebrow to grow more hair. I subsequently formulated the perfect brow range - Serenity Hue.

I’m here to give you natural products that can tint, style and improve your brow and even create brow lamination without hurting or burning off brow hair…

Serenity Hue presents: Fuel Your Brow.

Join me to love your brows – because I do!

- Shabina, founder