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Shake That Weight Cashback & Offers

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Shake That Weight Cashback & Offers

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More about Shake That Weight

Shake That Weight is a family owned and operated diet meal replacement provider. Over the last ten years they have focussed on quality products with great support and customer service to become one of the of the UK’s largest and best reviewed diet meal replacement providers.

With one of the largest ranges of meal replacement products in the UK you can choose from shakes, bars, soups, pasta, noodles, muesli, porridge and so much more! Dieting has never tasted so good.

There is also a range of high protein products for snacks whilst following the diet plans or people following a fitness lifestyle, branded as EatProtein®. To give the range plenty of wide market appeal for you to promote.

All their products are compliant with the latest meal replacement legislation, and they work closely with registered dieticians to provide the best and most up to date advice and guidance.

Choose from several diet plans ranging from 800kcal – 1200kcal per day with flexible options to suit your lifestyle.  There is an online support group for members and a large recipe database and blog/knowledgebase available online