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Snag Tights Cashback & Offers

Up to 5% cashback

Snag Tights Cashback & Offers

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More about Snag Tights

We created Snag for one simple reason - we believe that anyone who wants to wear tights should be able to have tights that genuinely fit in comfort, regardless of size, shape, age or gender. 

Snag is absolutely NOT a plus-size brand - we are here to create tights for everyone, not just particular groups. We do not create "plus size tights". For a start, in a world where 60% of women are size 16 or above, "plus-size" is no longer plus, it's the new normal. But also making only 'plus-size' tights would be just another way of excluding some people, and we passionately believe NOBODY should be excluded. We try to be a fully size-inclusive brand and to make our products accessible and available to everyone.

We are also passionate about making everything we do as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible. Our tights are vegan-friendly, we don't use any plastic in our packaging and we are currently working on the world's first fully biodegradable tights.

When Snag launched in 2018 we were primarily selling tights in the UK. As well as this we are now distributing across Europe, Australia, Canada, Russia and America. We have big plans for international growth and exciting things are currently in the works - it is our mission to give the whole world clothing that fits!