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Spusu Cashback & Offers

Up to £50 cashback

Spusu Cashback & Offers

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Mobile plans, simple, fair for you. Get 40GB of Data for £10.90 per month

+ £20 Cashback

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Online cashback rates


£50 cashback

for Spusu Unlimited purchases


£30 cashback

for Spusu Travel purchases


£25 cashback

for Spusu Travel Lite purchases

£4 cashback

for Spusu50 purchases


£20 cashback

for Spusu40 purchases

£2 cashback

for Spusu30 purchases


£16 cashback

for Spusu20 purchases

£1 cashback

for Spusu5 purchases

£1 cashback

for Spusu1 purchases

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More about Spusu

Spusu were founded in Vienna, Austria in June 2015.

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) they are offering a variety of mobile services with SIM-only plans at the centre of it all. They are the leading MVNO and the fastest growing mobile provider in Austria. Successfully launching in the Italian market in June of 2020, they are excited to offer our services here since April 2023. 

Their slogan ‘simple. fair. for you.’ represents their philosophy. To be simple and fair means that they try not to overwhelm you with legal jargon or hide unreasonable fees behind piles of documents. Instead, they aim to provide a quality of service that makes you feel valued.

Spusu believe in fostering their own talent, which is why they focus on in-house development, building from their expert knowledge to improve their services instead of outsourcing the technology from external contractors.

Spusu focus on regionality, building infrastructure for local communities, and developing technologies, like 5G or eSIM compatibility. 

There are no investors within their company, making it 100% family-owned. With the know-how and hands-on experience working in the industry, they continue to provide reliable, no-nonsense services for everyone.