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6% cashback
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6% cashback
for all purchases
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Last updated Apr. 28, 2021



6% cashback

for all purchases

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Helpful Information

Shopping Streetprorunning

Streetprorunning cashback

At Streetprorunning, they stock a wide range of shoes for every activity. Review their options when you need new shoes or want to fill up your shoe wardrobe. Good shoes help you keep your feet comfortable and avoid foot problems in the future.

Tailor your shoes to your activities so that you feel good and remain healthy. Brands at Streetprorunning include Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma, Brooks, Merrell, New Balance, La Sportiva, Bestard, Saucony, The North Face, Mizuno, and Converse. Each brand often fits certain people better than others, and you might find something you love, which you’ll reorder over and over. 

Streetprorunning running shoes 

Running shoes are lightweight and lightly curl at the toe to help with your followthrough on each stride. Choosing quality running shoes enables you to run a 5K, marathon, or anything in between, and they work well on the road and treadmill. You want your running shoes to be snug when you slip them on so that they do not rub your heel or ankle and cause chaffing. 

Streetprorunning trail shoes

Trail shoes are a little heavier and more durable so that you can run on terrain, step on rocks, and avoid punctures. Choose a heavier shoe that fits a little looser so that you can wear heavy socks and keep your feet dry. Trail shoes work well when you are hiking, or you can also wear them when completing yard work or handling landscaping jobs. 

Streetprorunning trainers

Trainers are a good choice when you go to the gym every day, complete circuit workouts at home, or endure manual labour at work. These are also helpful when you suffer from foot issues, or your doctor recommends you try a more supportive shoe. Streetprorunning also stocks casual trainers perfect for the casual style you need while wearing denim, khakis, or weekend outfits. 

Funky colours and unique laces make these shoes even more fun to wear. Some brands even use nubuck to make them feel a little more formal. Shoes from Timberland are appropriate for working conditions, and specific sneakers may be suitable for walking due to their heavy outsole and strong ankle support.

Get Streetprorunning cashback

Cashback from Quidco makes adding shoes to your closet easier and less expensive. You can fill your cashback account with money as you shop with one of our thousands of partner brands. Buying shoes for everyone in the family becomes a fruitful enterprise. 

Coming to Quidco is your first step in getting cashback for all your purchases. After checking out the daily cashback rates, you can click on our specialized “Get cashback’ link. When you arrive at Streetprorunning, you can shop as you usually would. 

We know when you check out, and we wait for the vendor to verify your purchase before your bonus goes into your account. Check your account every day to make sure you get your bonus, and you can spend it on anything you want at Quidco.

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