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At Subcold, we manufacture and sell a variety of beer fridges, wine coolers and ice makers to the online market. All of our products are stylish and well designed, meaning they’ll fit in great at any home or business. There’s no reason to settle for bulky, oversized alternatives when Subcold can offer products that look great and do the job well.

At Subcold, we understand that there isn’t always room in the kitchen fridge to store drinks and there’s nothing worse than having to settle for a lukewarm beverage, which is why we offer fantastic fridges and coolers. Not only do you have somewhere specific to chill your favourite beers and wines, but you’ll also free up a lot of room elsewhere. Plus, you’ll always have a chilled drink to offer guests or clients.


As well as manufacturing and selling beer fridges and wine coolers, we have a number of ice makers available. Using an ice maker means you don’t have to contend with trying to find space to store ice and you don’t spend valuable time struggling to remove the ice cubes from cheap, plastic trays. Instead, a countertop ice maker does everything for you.