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Surreal Cereal

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More about Surreal Cereal

Surreal is a modern cereal company that takes the sugary cereals you grew up loving and reimagines them to be nutritionally relevant to the adult you've become. 

Available in four delicious flavours ; Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Frosted and Cinnamon - each bowl of cereal delivers 13g protein, 5g net carbs and 0g sugar whilst tasting like the cereals of your childhood.

UK based, SURREAL uses natural ingredients and a refreshing spin on what's possible to create a great tasting, guilt-free cereal.

Say hello to our range of healthy cereals, each one packed with good things to fuel your day, has zero sugar, and yet tastes the way great cereal should.

We’ve called it Surreal, because it shouldn’t work, but it does, brilliantly.