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Swinton Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

Up to £64 cashback

Swinton Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£64 cashback

for a genuine multi pet policy

£36 cashback

for a genuine new dog insurance policy

£9.60 cashback

for a genuine new cat insurance policy

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More about Swinton Pet Insurance

We understand what people’s pets mean to them, they’re a part of the family. Which means when they’re ill, or injured, it can be a very upsetting and worrying time. You’d do anything you could to help them get better, but without cover this could be very costly.

Having a Swinton Pet Insurance policy in place to help you cover the cost of vet bills will provide reassurance and peace of mind that your fluffy family member can receive the support they deserve.
But, not all pets are the same – your playful pup is likely very different than somebody else’s mellow mutt, which is why we have 3 levels of cover available.

With the variety of cover we have available, it’s simple to find something to suit your furry friend’s needs. We offer both Classics and Essentials cover, both of which include a wide range of pawsome benefits!

So, what’s included?

Both our Classic and Essentials packages include:

• Vet fees — If your pet becomes unwell or suffers an injury, we’ll cover the costs up to your chosen cover limit. This includes recommended complementary treatments such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy.
• Emergency boarding — If you or anyone normally living with you needs to be admitted to the hospital unexpectedly for three or more consecutive days, Pet Insurance covers the cost of licenced pet boarding, kennels or pet sitting up to your chosen cover limit.
• Third-party liability — Should your dog cause injury, death or damage to someone’s property, we’ll cover the legal costs up to your set cover limit. (Dog Insurance only).
If you choose the Classic cover, then there are some extra benefits included:
• Accidental damage — Should your dog cause minor damage to someone’s property, our Classic Pet Insurance policy will help cover the cost of repairs or replacement. (Dog Insurance only).
• Theft/straying — In the unfortunate event your pet is stolen or goes missing, we’ll provide cover for any advertising or reward costs for their safe return.
• Death by accident or illness — If your pet sadly passes away or needs to be put to sleep following an accident or illness, we’ll cover the price you paid for them.
• Travelling abroad — If you need to cancel or delay a holiday because your pet has a life-threatening illness or injury, we’ll contribute towards additional costs. You’ll also be covered for the cost of treatments should your pet fall ill or be injured when travelling within the EU.
It’s simple to manage your pet policy with Swinton as you can access this online 24/7, plus with our live-chat and call-centre functionality you can speak with one of our pet insurance specialists for any queries you may have.

Currently, our pet insurance includes cover for your feline friends and canine companions (in other words, cats and dogs) for up to £7,000. Cover can be purchased for your dog or cat provided they are at least eight weeks old. New customers can insure dogs up to 10 years old and cats up to 12 years old.